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Withers pleased with young Bobcats, looking to build competitive depth


SAN MARCOS – On Sunday, Texas State University head football coach Everett Withers addressed several pressing questions on media day. In his opening statement, he said he was very pleased with how the Texas State football team has maintained their health throughout the team’s seven fall football practices, which began August 8.

Withers mentioned how the players have worked “tremendously hard,” and how the next ten practices will provide a snapshot of where the team is physically and athletically.

Excitement from Withers for some of the younger players in the program was made apparent from his opening statement and throughout the questions he addressed.

Through the first seven practices, Withers has been “pleased with the effort and commitment with taking care of the little things in camp so far.”

The staff has created a motto during camp for the players to focus on, centering on attention to detail.

“The little things don’t hurt you, until they do,” Withers said. “(The players) are doing a nice job of adjusting and adapting and understanding the why you do things.”

The question of positional depth also arose, with Withers saying depth is always a concern.

“The staff’s whole goal is to build competitive depth,” he said, noting that out of the 22 positions, the Bobcats have one or two positions that have true competitive depth. Withers also made it clear that whether it is for the starting quarterback position between Tyler Jones and Eddie Printz or any other position, “there’s a battle every day.”

“Our objective is to have a battle go on at every position. When a guy walks through that door, he knows he better come to work every day or the guy behind him is going to take his job.”

Regarding the quarterback battle, Withers said both Jones and Printz have showed positives out on the field.

“Tyler has had an unbelievable camp so far. I see a guy that understands quarterback play. He’s able to take the concepts that we’re installing in our offense and go out and take them from the meeting room to the practice field,” Withers said. “He’s been really good about being able to communicate that with Coach Elliot and myself. The more I’ve been around Tyler over the last seven months, the more I’ve really grown to respect him and understand that he’s played a lot of football. I’m really happy that he’s our quarterback.”

“Eddie is growing in our offense and continues to grow in our offense. Given he didn’t have the spring, he’s been competitive every day in camp.”

Withers, who was part of the turnaround at North Carolina, Ohio State, as well as James Madison University, ending the 2015 season 9-3 overall and 12-4 in the conference, also talked about what drew him to Texas State.

“I thought (Texas State) was a beautiful campus. I think this is the prettiest campus in the state of Texas. (It’s) a great recruiting base in Central Texas between Austin and San Antonio,” he said. “Being able to get to Dallas in three and a half hours, obviously two hours from Houston.”

Withers also said he was surprised with the lack of recent success at Texas State and vowed to “work every day to try to get it right.”

When speaking on expectations and standards, Withers took it beyond the football field and included the classroom and community. “A culture of competitive excellence,” is how Withers described the mentoring the coaching staff is instilling within Texas State football team.

“This is our community’s program,” Withers said.

Aside from Jones and Printz, Withers mentioned being pleased with several other players, most notably his receiving corps.

“I’ve been really pleased with Elijah King. L.G. Williams playing receiver has done a really great job in camp,” hew said. “PJ Anderson, Tyler Watts, (two) walk on receivers, had a really, really good camp. Mason Hays has done some really good things for us.”

He also mentioned Stedman Mayberry, Tyler Tutt, and Tyler Siudzinski.

“When you run this kind of offense, you don’t have one guy. You have to have two, if you’ve got three, you’ve got a chance. We’re going to go so fast that you don’t just run the same guy every play,” Withers proclaimed.

Texas State’s first fall scrimmage is tomorrow which will be followed by a second scrimmage on August 20. The Bobcats’ first game of the season will come against Ohio on September 3 in Athens. The game will be broadcasted on the CBS Sports Network.



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