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WembyMania, $10 Steak, Scandoval, & Food Food Food


We talk the keys to Wemby's success in San Antonio, his continued impact on the city, Should you trust a $10 steak? Rock's review of his $10 steak, What is a Vanderpump? Candice explains #Scandoval, We revisit a classic Sweep the League segment, buffet hacks and memories, and what are our favorite dishes at Cava and Chipotle?

So many questions that need answers. All of that and more on Sweep the League Podcast!

Join Rudy campos Jr., Derrick Gervin, Candice Avila-Garcia, Rocky Garza Jr., Shemaiah, & Mark aka “Stats” as we talk life, laughs, sports & more every week on Sweep The League Podcast!

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