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TXST starting QB ruled out of I-35 Rivalry amid COVID concerns

Memphis transfer and recently named starter Brady McBride

While it is still unclear if it is due to contact tracing or a positive test, Bobcats starter Brady McBride and multiple other un-confirmed players will not be suiting up for the I-35 rivalry.

Lets be clear, our FIRST and ONLY concern should be the health of these young men. The short & long-term health of players on both teams is FAR more important than the score of a rivalry game! UTSA has also seen its’ fair share of testing issues, with up to eight different Roadrunners reported out as well. We should commend both the teams and universities for their commitment to player safety amid a global pandemic. Texas State may be without recently named starter Brady McBride, however back-up Tyler Vitt (who missed last weeks game due to contact tracing) is out of quarantine and ready to run Coach Spavitals’ new high octane offense.

San Antonio MacArthur HS alum Tyler Vitt is more than ready and able to fill in. Vitt has started 13 games in his two years at Texas State. In the 2018 edition of the I-35 Rivalry, Vitt completed 15 of 22 passing attempts for a total of 192 yards and two touchdowns. It will be interesting to see how the team compensates, and we’re excited to see what Vitt can do with the opportunity and a few new additions on offense since his last start!

The QB competition this fall camp between he and McBride was truly neck & neck. Coach Spavital spoke on how close the decision was and how fun the competition was to watch. He even elaborated that Vitt was “the more efficient passer and had a better completion percentage.” The two shared roughly the same amount of first team snaps. However, Memphis transfer Brady McBride totaled 12 scoring drives on 162 plays, while Vitt scored 5 touchdowns in his 165 snaps.

Vitt and his roommates, Tight-ends Seth Caillouet and Jackson Lanam as well as transfer DB Tory Spears all missed last weeks season-opener due to contact tracing. ALL will be active today! The Bobcats lined up last week without a TE on their depth chart, offensive linemen were substituted in and out to try and fill the void. Essentially the Bobcats have traded a full position group coming out of quarantine just as their starting quarterback will now go into a quarantine period mandated by the athletic training staff and team doctors.

This is tough, on the players, coaches, and fans alike. But at the end of the day, this is a game. A college football rivalry game. And as much as we’d all like the distraction, this is part of the reality of trying to play a football season in the middle of a global pandemic. We at Bobcats Insider would like to wish ALL of the Bobcats & Roadrunners a safe and healthy game well played. Because we absolutely need to keep the perspective that it is just that… a game.




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