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Stars Fall to the Lynx Despite Tough Fight



AT&T Center – Despite an injury-riddled roster, the San Antonio Stars put up a fight against the top seed Minnesota Lynx in their 81-76 loss Sunday afternoon at the AT&T Center.

The Stars started out rough without managing to get a shot in until almost three minutes had passed in the first quarter and their opponent had already outscored them 6-0. The Lynx continued to dominate from the end of the first into the beginning of the second managing to lead by as much as 9 points.

During the second quarter, Moriah Jefferson went all out and led the way, scoring nine of her 26 points. With the help of good offensive efforts from the rest of the team and great defense from Jayne Appel-Marinelli, the Stars concluded the half just down by two 41-39.

The third quarter proved challenging as the Stars struggled to keep up. However, the fourth quarter brought on a second wind for the silver and black, and the Stars found themselves in the lead midway through the final period. The same problems the Stars have experienced throughout the season, turnovers and missed opportunities, ultimately cost them the game.

Photo: San Antonio Stars/WNBA

“It was a really good basketball game,” said coach Dan Hughes. “You could see it in their eyes, the disappointment to not win the game. But if you’re talking about playing to the top of your potential, there were times in that game that, that’s what we’re striving to do.”

After being in the same situation over and over throughout the season, the players expressed their frustration with being so close and coming up short.

“It’s really difficult when you know you want to win so bad and (sigh) you come back every game and then you keep getting the same results,” rookie point guard Moriah Jefferson said. “The good thing about this team is that we keep fighting.”

Their fighting spirit was obvious as they faced the league-best Lynx and did not give up until the sound of the final buzzer.

“I think we are proud of the fact that we didn’t lay down or give in to them,” said second highest scorer Monique Currie. “I think that we showed that we, one, can play with anybody in the league, and two, that if we stick together and we execute, that we’ll be in games.”

For this talented, young, and growing team, all they can focus on is the future and the possibilities ahead of them.

“This whole season has been a learning process for us,” said Jefferson. “We’re learning a lot about each other and then next season we’ll look forward to being better than this year.”

Up next: The Stars are now 6-25 on the season and will return to the court on Tuesday when they travel to Atlanta to face the Dream at 6 p.m. inside Phillips Arena.



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