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San Antonio FC 2018 Season Wishlist

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Like many of you, I’m a gigantic music fan. It surrounds everything I do, every single day. And as hope springs eternal around the nation on this opening week of the 2018 USL season, I’ve zeroed in on a tune that is sticking with me at the moment. It’s from one of my all-time favorite bands, Pearl Jam – “Wishlist”. It has witty, poignant lyrics, and it’s a song about optimism and positivity. Here’s a cool grainy, late 1990’s video of a Letterman performance of the song if you’re not familiar.

And one line, in particular, is really resonating with me at the moment.

“I wish I was a messenger and all the news was good”

I couldn’t have thought of a better idea myself if I was Eddie Vedder, so let’s have a bit of light-hearted fun as we’re kicking off this brand new season.

Here is my ultimate San Antonio FC 2018 “everything went more perfectly than anyone could have possibly dreamed” – wish list for the brand new season.

The List

  • I wish that Chris Christian gets warm applause for his return to Sacramento – and then he helps to shut out his old team on opening night.
  • I wish that SAFC sweeps RGV. And that Jose Escalante puts in a hat trick on them. Three times.
  • I wish that Billy Forbes and Devin Vega get goose-egged by the collective SAFC defense. Twice.
  • I wish that Ever Guzman sets a single season scoring record for SAFC. And that Sonny Guadarrama does the same in assists.
  • I wish that Omar Gordon takes the momentum of one goal and three assists in his last eight games last year and transfers that to an entire season of solid production.
  • I wish that Darren Powell gets ejected from a well-decided game, heads to the stands and lights up a smoke Chelis style.
  • I wish that SAFC finally gets another home US Open Cup Match, with Toyota Field more packed than its ever been. And I hope they go on a silly Cincinnati-type Cup run, knocking out both Houston Dynamo and FC Dallas along the way. Except they take it even further and win the whole thing – behind Matt Cardone and Lee Johnston sharing tournament GK duty and some key contributions from Alex Bruce, Mikey Lopez, Gianluca Cuomo, and Connor Presley.
  • I wish that Pecka continues to quietly be one of the best distributors in the league and that opponents continue to not notice.
  • I wish that Maxi Rodriguez scores at any point this season and goes crazy with some sweet dance moves.

And let’s be honest – Greg Cochrane would also be good for this.

  • I wish Cesar Elizondo many nights worthy of hugging it out and banging the drum with Mission City 118.
  • I wish that Ethan Bryant scores at least one goal this season and that he re-creates the Ryan Roushandel / SAFC Pro Academy / 210 Alliance corner dog pile celebration when he does.
  • Speaking of Roushandel – I wish him many moments worthy of fans referencing Dead Poets Society all season long. Oh Captain, My Captain.
  • I wish that Mike Seth finds his 2016 form when he led the Colorado Switchbacks in goals and assists.
  • I wish that Diego Restrepo sets a new league record for clean sheets and wins USL GK of the year for the second season in a row.
  • I wish that Cochrane, McCarthy, Hedrick, King, Christian, and Felix combine their efforts to set a new longest “scoreless minutes” streak in USL play.
  • I wish that Kris Tyrpak scores an even more amazing goal than last year – and this time he takes the number one spot on Sports Center Top Ten.
  • I wish that SAFC finally beats OKC Energy and that the moment comes in the playoffs.
  • I wish that Rafa Castillo finds Toyota Field bicycle kick magic one more time – to seal a USL Cup victory for San Antonio FC.

  • I wish that Tim Holt brings the USL Cup out to the Crocketteers tailgate next year and that fans get to drink beer out of it.

It’s opening week. It’s all still possible. Hope reigns. Happy new season, everyone.

Feel free to add your own season-long wishes to our list in the comments below.

What is your SAFC wish list for 2018?

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