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MLS in SA: City, county officials to look at Toyota Field?


The city of San Antonio is on the short list to get a Major League Soccer team. And the city and county are stepping up their efforts to try and make another push towards their goal.

According to the San Antonio Business Journal, both Bexar county and the city have agreed to hire Chicago-based HVS Convention, Sports & Entertainment Services to look at Toyota Field, the home of the San Antonio Scorpions.

Toyota Field opened in April 2013 and sits 8,000 fans for soccer. The stadium was designed to fit 10,500 more seats to fit in with the MLS franchise guidelines. Scorpions owner Gordon Hartman is still seeking new ownership for team and that raises questions about what will happen to the stadium.

One possibility? The city of San Antonio could take control of Toyota Field. That’s according to Bexar County judge Nelson Wolff.

“I don’t know where this will go,” he said, adding that one of the possibilities is the creation of a joint stadium authority that would control Toyota Field.

As of now, the city is feeling the love of soccer. Over 7,000 fans packed Toyota Field for the Scorpions Fall Season home opener as the red and black defeated the Tampa Bay Rowdies 3-0 on Saturday night.

If the city can support minor league soccer, they can support MLS as well. Now, they just have to play the waiting game.



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