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Keys to San Antonio Spurs 2019 offseason

The Spurs’ 2018-2019 season came to a close at the hands of the Denver Nuggets. The Spurs put up a resilient fight, but they came up just short in game seven of their first-round series.

The Spurs should now look ahead towards the impending offseason. Summer will be full of important decisions, and making the right choices could be the difference between competing for titles or being stuck in mediocrity.

Getting Dejounte Murray back to form should be the first matter of business in San Antonio. The Spurs struggled mightily to stop their opponents from scoring without their 2nd team All-NBA defender, and they sorely missed his contributions on the other end as well.

Though the former Washington guard wasn’t an especially dangerous scorer in his first two seasons, he looked poised for a breakout year on offense before he tore his right ACL in preseason play. Between his refined three-point jumper and an improved frame, fans should be excited to see what a healthy Murray can bring to the lineup.

The Spurs have much better chances of challenging with Murray as they would on Slots Calendar for 200 slots bonuses. Having their top perimeter defender back will be paramount to the team’s success.

Derrick White is like an online casino jackpot for Spurs fans

Spurs fans also got a taste of Derrick White while Murray was away nursing his injury, and it looks like the Spurs found another late first-round gem. He attacked the rim like Tony, read the floor like Ginobili and locked down like Bowen.

It’s safe to say the second-year combo guard earned significant minutes going forward. The only problem is figuring out how to allocate those minutes with plenty of able bodies in place, and three draft picks on the way.

Everything said about White can also be applied to rookie Lonnie Walker IV. The rookie didn’t find many opportunities in the NBA last season, but don’t mistake his lack of play for a lack of ability.

Walker has a fluid shooting stroke, can score on all three levels, and possesses the physical traits to become an All-NBA defender. Popovich seldom gives first-year players a chance to shine, and Lonnie was no different.

Those three players should give Spurs fans plenty to be excited about, but they’ll also have two first round picks in the upcoming NBA Draft, and they’ll need to address some key weaknesses, including finding an athletic big man and a wing defender.

Aside from that, they’ll have a decision to make on their own players. Bringing back Rudy Gay on the mid-level exception seems to be the biggest priority, but they’ll also have to decide what to do with their expiring contracts.