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First Half Recap: UTSA Leading North Texas at Home on Senior Day


If you haven’t heard of the Triangle of Toughness this season, then you haven’t been paying attention to UTSA Roadrunner football.

“The Triangle” is first-year head coach Jeff Traylor’s foundation for success that he brought to UTSA with him. The three sides of the triangle are running the ball as a team, playing tough on defense, and doing well on special teams.

Through the first half, the Traylor’s Roadrunners have largely executed on the philosophy this afternoon on Senior Day, and the last home game of the regular season against the Mean Green of North Texas.

Outside of one huge play by North Texas in the first half that was a one-play 75-yard touchdown pass early in the second quarter, the Roadrunner “bend but don’t break defense” has flexed, but snapped back when necessary. The Roadrunners have two interceptions, one by Rashad Wisdom in the end zone, and a HUGE fourth-down stand near the redzone to keep the Mean Green scoreless in the first quarter.

The special teams has seen better days, and stumbled a bit coming out of the gate. First, the tried-and-true senior, Hunter Duplesslis missed a field goal short from 53 yards out, then later, punter Lucas Dean had a punt that looked set to pin North Texas inside the ten-yard line, take an extra bounce and go into the end zone for a touch-back. Both have settled in and executed when called upon since.

Coach Traylor likes to run the ball, and has often said that’s the strength of his offense, and running the ball well starts with Sincere McCormick. Sincere, having a season for the record books, has 188 yards on 14 carries, one for a score from 65 yards out. He’s averaging 11.1 yards per carry through the first half, and at the moment is back on top as the nation’s leading rusher where he was most of the season.

Along with Sincere, quarterback Frank Harris has contributed well on the ground, adding four carries for 28 yards, including a 19-yard run for a score. Harris has helped McCormick today by executing through the air as well. Frank started the game hitting on all eight of his first pass attempts, and is currently 17-20 for 134 yards and two passing touchdowns.

The Roadrunners have had some penalties and missed tackles that they’ll look to clean up in the second half. The Mean Green on the other hand will be trying to just get something going.

At the half, UTSA leads North Texas 28-7 in a key conference game for UTSA.



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