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Crunch Time: Anthony’s late 3-pointer vs Timberwolves


Down 112-110 to the Minnesota Timberwolves with eight seconds left in the game Sunday, the Oklahoma City Thunder called a timeout to design a sideline out of bounds (SLOB) play. When the Thunder inbounded the ball, the result was what looked like a Russell Westbrook drive that turned into an open 3-pointer for Carmelo Anthony.

Anthony made the shot and the Thunder took the 113-112 lead. However, on the next possession, the Wolves inbounded the ball, rushed to the opposite end of the court and Andrew Wiggins nailed a late three off the glass to help Minnesota win the game.

Focusing in on the play before to get Anthony the open 3-pointer, here’s what the design of the play looked like on paper.


Now, here’s the play in full motion.

With Westbrook’s ability to break down a defense even without the help of a screen, the Wolves had to make a choice – A) help away from Anthony and take the rim away from Westbrook, or B) try to stop Westbrook 1-on-1. The Wolves chose option A and the result was the open 3-pointer for Anthony.



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