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Controversy erupts as SAISD pushes back start date to October 5th


Today the San Antonio Independent School District (SAISD) announced it was pushing back the start of athletic activities to October 5th due to the COVID19 virus. However, this announcement has not been received well by the local community.

Local parents and players are furious over the situation. The announcement has brought some Seniors close to tears on an emotional day. Some of these seniors have already lost the back half of their junior years and now face the consequences of losing half of their senior seasons.

Sal Gonzales the father of Edison starting quarterback Brandon Gonzales has been vocal about the situation right from the start.

“We are the only district to my knowledge that hasn’t been able to work out together or anything. This is extremely unfair and our kids deserve to play. We have no support from district leadership and it’s very unfortunate” Gonzales said.

Gonzales also cites how many of the kids in the SAISD district are low income, minority athletes and for some of them this is their only outlet. Other factors include lack of preparation for student-athletes that could prove dangerous on the field with such a late start. These issues must also be taken into account for player safety. SAISD athletes health could further be put at risk without the proper protocols in place to prepare these athletes for live game situations. A rash of injuries would be detrimental to the student-athletes.

It appears that there is a rally or protest that will take place as parents and athletes have begun to voice their opinions. Stay tuned for more updates on the situation with us here at Texas Redzone Report.

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