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Caleb Camarillo Runs to Daylight


Southside’s lightning in a bottle Caleb Camarillo has been working hard during the rare times we are living through. However, if there is anything just as rare it is Camarillo’s combination of explosive speed and dizzying moves on the football field. The Junior totaled 2,000 all-purpose yards last season and cashed in twenty touchdowns against the Coastal Bend’s elite. What makes the accomplishment more significant is that Camarillo played most of the season injured at about 60%.

This is an incredible feat when you consider the competition. I asked Caleb how he mentally got through the season and he said “my brother mentally helped me get through the season and I stayed focused” If Camarillo was able to reach twenty touchdowns at 60% how many can he score at 100%?

A healthy Camarillo will be a tremendous boost for the Southside Cardinals as they move into a new district for the upcoming season. What will also be new is a fully healthy Camarillo and that means trouble for opposing defenses. Camarillo has an excellent blend of speed, balance, and vision.

When you examine Caleb on film, you see him take a handoff patiently find the hole and explode through it. Once he sees any bit of daylight Caleb hits a gear that few players possess. Once Camarillo explodes into the secondary based on our ticker, he has a 95% chance of scoring. Keep in mind that 95% is based on an injured Camarillo. That percentage is likely going to increase this season when he is healthy.

Caleb’s best game of the season last year took place in the “Battle of 1604” rivalry game against Somerset. Camarillo’s 4 touchdowns put the game away after a slow start by Southside. His excellent vision and speed were on display multiple times throughout the game. This is a game that really stands out because you can really see Camarillo’s exceptional burst as well as his hands. Camarillo is also an exceptional route runner and receiver out of the backfield.

Caleb also makes tremendous grades and currently holds a 3.8 GPA. He currently fields offers from Dartmouth, Air Force, Army, Navy, Colorado State, Tennessee State, and a couple of others. This is a tremendous accomplishment from somebody that hails from Southside. Players like Camarillo are helping turn the tide at a school that at one point was left for dead when it came to football.

As you know we have been trapped in the quarantine for some time now and many athletes have been doing workouts on their own while staying focused. I asked Camarillo what he has been doing during the quarantine to stay prepared for the upcoming season

“We have to stay focused not only school wise but we also do have another season coming up this year that our squad has to prepare for not only physically but also mentally” I also asked him with spring ball canceled how has he prepared without that preparation “for the most part we’ve tried to get 7 on 7 together however people got different ways to go about this quarantine some people don’t want to come out and some people don’t mind coming out it’s just different for everybody but we try to get everybody to get at least one lift in during the day and at least once or twice a week we try to throw a little 7 on7 together.”

Caleb has also noted that he’s been doing Yoga type of stretches to keep his muscles loose and ready.

The 2020 season is looking like a huge year for Camarillo and Southside. If he stays healthy, I fully expect Caleb’s numbers to nearly double and I expect a strong effort out of the Southside Cardinals this season. Time will tell however Caleb Camarillo is a prospect you don’t want to miss play this upcoming season.

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